Webinar On-Demand: How franchisees can drive mid-market growth in the digital age

Every mid-market franchise operator knows the restaurant consumers' buying habits are in great flux amid the COVID-19 pandemic, just as most restaurateurs also fully understand that brands' use of digital technology in innovative, efficient and groundbreaking ways is key to their current and long-term growth.


Stay on the leading edge and learn what the best brands are doing technologically and how they're doing it to stay neck-and-neck with diners' expectations from the restaurants they love through this hour-long free webinar.

You'll learn firsthand from the operational and branding leaders from Romeo' Pizza Franchise, LLC. how that company built firm bridges with customers through digital channels and grew revenue and customer loyalty, even at a time of massive industry upheaval.




Tom cropTom Fiala
VP of Operations, Romeo's Pizza
Tom began his pizza career with a local pizza shop for four years and moved to help grow a franchise group at Marco's Pizza. He served over nine years for a franchise of Pizza Hut and has since been with Romeo's Pizza Franchise LLC for 12 years as VP of Operations. Tom is highly involved in new store openings across 5 states and 2 countries, maintaining relationships with vendors and distributors, new product development, creating online training classes, HungerRush programming with menu & coupons distribution throughout the company, and providing company communication.
David McCafferty

David McCafferty

Chief Brand Officer, Romeo's Pizza
David McCafferty is Romeo's Chief Brand Officer, and he has served in this role since December 2016. Prior to joining Romeo's Pizza Franchise, LLC, he served as Vice President of Marketing and Human Resources for The Carter Lumber Company and was a member of the Executive Committee for fifteen years. He started his career by working in multiple advertising agencies across the Midwest and spent thirteen years helping build world class brands.