Webinar On-Demand: Mastering Operations with the Right Tech for Your Pizzeria

Pizza sales in the US are continually on the rise and the right restaurant management system will be at the forefront of how pizzeria owners reach customers to increase their slice of the pie. Technology, such as digital ordering, saves pizzerias time and money, and meet their customers’ expectations.


In a time where we’re needing to quickly pivot to determine what works and abandon what doesn’t, Michael Nixon, Owner of Papa’s Pizza Café in Cloverdale, CA shares how he has evolved his pizzeria over the last 30 years, leveraging technology to better serve his customers and reach new ones.




Michael Nixon headshotMichael Nixon
Owner, Papa's Pizza Cafe
Michael has been in the pizza business for over 30 years. Starting as an employee of Papa’s Pizza Café, he soon worked his way to management and later became the owner at the age of 22. Located in Northern California, Papa’s Pizza Café has been a staple to the community for decades. The team is committed to delivering excellent pizza and service to his growing customer base for years to come. 
Ly Truong head shot

Ly truong

Corporate Trainer and Product Manager, HungerRush
Ly has owned and operated multiple restaurant concepts, and has spent the last nine years with HungerRush utilizing his skills as a Corporate Trainer and Product Manager.