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The POS—reimagined

HungerRush 360 is our all-in-one Cloud POS, and it has everything you need to run your business. Request a consultation to find out how one single platform can help you know your customers better, run a more efficient operation, and grow your business faster.

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Everything you need is right here

HungerRush 360 puts running your entire restaurant operation at your fingertips. Inventory, online ordering, customer rewards—you name it, it's all there.

Know Your Customers

See your customers’ order history, preferences and more to personalize their experience and drive loyalty.

Control it All

Get anywhere-anytime, unified control of FOH, BOH and everything in between—whether you have a single location or hundreds.

Grow Your Business Faster

Get usable data from across your operation to optimize labor, processes, guest experiences and more.

We're Setting a Place For You

You'll find HungerRush at thousands of restaurant locations across the U.S. Brands large and small are joining the rush, and we want to give you a seat at the table.

What our customers are saying about HungerRush

Initially I was so nervous about switching from Micros to HungerRush – change is uncomfortable, no matter what the situation is, and I was very accustomed to the Micros system. Once the installation and training began, I KNEW we had made the right decision. The installers were extremely knowledgable, professional and very detailed. Beyond that, they were also very helpful and friendly, always going above and beyond for us during the installation process. They broke the language down so that it wasn’t super tech-y; we could easily understand everything they showed us. I was so impressed. They treated our staff like family. HungerRush’s communication and customer support are both amazing; they are #1 in customer support over any other company I have dealt with. HungerRush is just a better system, what else can I say? FIVE THUMBS UP!


What our customers are saying about HungerRush

Thanks to having 5,000 loyalty program customers stored in HungerRush, we were able to quickly communicate the new curbside pickup and no contact delivery options. Getting the word out through email and Facebook has increased our business by 75%.

Mike Nelson

What our customers are saying about HungerRush

Online ordering has resulted in improved profit margins for Pizaro’s Pizza, as well as an increase in customer satisfaction and repeat business.


What our customers are saying about HungerRush

Since implementing online ordering, our average check size has increased by $3.50 as compared to orders that we take over the phone.

Victor Martinez

What our customers are saying about HungerRush

We thought some of our call-in business would transfer to online but adding online ordering capability just added more sales.  We had to rebuild the layout of our kitchen to avoid bottlenecks and improve the flow just to keep up with the additional orders.

Hometown Pizza and Grill

Digital Ordering

Sales increase when restaurants offer digital ordering options—it's a fact. HungerRush's OrderAI makes digital ordering as easy as sending a text.

  • Own and manage your brand's digital experience
  • Drive more repeat business with ordering via text, app, online and more
  • Make ordering even easier with intelligent recommendations based on customers' preferences

Reward loyal customers
and keep 'em coming back for more

HungerRush 360 includes powerful loyalty tools that make it easy to engage customers so they become repeat customers.

You've Got Data—Now Use It

Capture customer preferences and data to offer personalized rewards, offers and more.

Built-In Loyalty

Encourage customer loyalty with reward points across all your ordering platforms and channels.

Reach Them Where They Are

Engage customers via SMS, email and more based on their unique preferences.​

Tighten Up Your Operations

HungerRush 360 gives you a complete view of restaurant operations, reporting, employee management, and inventory.

Unify data and analytics and get actionable insights with real-time reporting.

Manage labor and inventory across multiple locations from one, single, unified view.

Save time, resources and your sanity by easily updating menus across locations and platforms.

Delivery Done Right

Grow and optimize your delivery business through integrated in-house, curbside, fleet management, and third-party delivery support.

Have it Their Way

Get tools to configure delivery, no-contact option, curbside services or leverage a third-party partner.

Pick Up the Pace

Get more orders out your doors and to your customers faster without breaking the speed limit.

Peace of Mind

Include tamper-evident receipt labels so customers know their meal is hot, fresh and ready to eat.